#Honestly, what are the odds that Erik has ever allowed another to see him cry? Nonexistent? But he’s not even ashamed when he breaks and loses control with Charles, not even knowing that Charles was IN his mind and saw everything and felt it as fiercely as Erik himself did, he doesn’t try to hide or withdraw further, because that’s how at peace he is with Charles, and Charles alone. And it hurts so badly that he couldn’t let that be enough. ‘Peace was never an option’ isn’t just a rejection of Charles’ ideals, it’s an inability to accept the kind of love Charles was offering right here.


it just shows how canon charles/erik is. 


There’s someone else out there. There’s someone in the water.

#omg when charles suddenly doubles over because he can feel erik’s mind and all the anger and pain and his memories are so agonizing and perhaps to a normal person that would be a big fat STAY THE FUCK AWAY signal but charles is an idiot and probably the kind of guy who snuck bits of his dinner to stray ducks wandering around his estate when he was a kid and helps people who get lost on the tube and so he jumps his ass in that water and does his vulcan mind meld thang because not only does he need this guy to know that he’s not alone but he is fascinated by him and he has to help him because he feels his pain in the actual literal way not in the just-trying-to-sympathize way because in that one second on the stairs he actually physically experienced all of erik’s pain all at once I KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU ughhh these assholes #soulmate level match



…uh, other than the delicious eye-making love, can I point out the actual subtext of this scene:

Erik is trying to coax Charles into a blowing a load in his face, is looking forward to it in fact, but Charles can’t do it because he’s too much of a gentleman - instead he engages Erik’s stoopid EMOTIONS and ends up asking Erik’s ‘permission’ to penetrate him gently. 

Yeah. Think about it. 

I’m thinking about it with a wicked grin.

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take it easy! I find ‘Twister’ quite hard I must say.. LOL!

I can’t stop laughing. I actually can’t stop laughing. 

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